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TOS (Terms of Service)

We reserve the right to deactivate or delete accounts, if we violate the General Terms and Conditions by the corresponding member. You assure with the registration, that you have not yet an account with “https://whitehattraffic.com" Without prior permission from an operator of "https://whitehattraffic.com" a person is expressly forbidden to create more than one account.

It is not allowed to advertise in the name of https://whitehattraffic.com, which can be interpreted as spam. You may advertise with your referral link and / or the other promotion material of many visitors only on Internet pages or in programs, on which this type of advertising is allowed and desired.

The members of “https://whitehattraffic.com” are responsible for the content of your advertising. "https://whitehattraffic.com” accepts no liability for the advertising content of its members. These have to ensure that you have the necessary rights to apply for your products and to use the advertising material you have set. “https://whitehattraffic.com” is not responsible if a member violates applicable law with his advertising on (e.g. by copyright infringement).

By registering at “https://whitehattraffic.com” you agree to receive offers and advertising from the operator of the website.

It is not allowed to log in with an e-mail address that has an auto responder or is not available (so-called bounced e-mails).

Rules for the content of the websites

Websites that violate one of the following rules are deleted as far as possible by the operator. This means that all points earned with the advertised website are also lost. "whitehattraffic.com” also reserves the right to delete accounts connected with unauthorized websites.

Web pages that are listed on “whitehattraffic.com” must fulfil the following criteria:

  • No criminal activities may be advertised.
  • Pages may not have a so-called "frame-breaker"
  • No viruses, spyware or Trojans should be distributed over the page.
  • There should be neither pornography nor other offensive material on the set pages.
  • No Popup may be used, which are opened in a new page.
  • Rotators may be set if all site operators in the rotator agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the site whitehattraffic.com
  • No HYIPs or investment auto surfs. These are illegal in most of the countries.
  • No PTP (Paid to Promote) websites.

The webmaster of "whitehattraffic.com" may delete any website from the system which he considers unsuitable or questionable. We are not responsible for any liability which may rise due to unauthorized access / illegal activity / or damages for anyone.

Refund Policy

100% money-back guarantee for 15 days. The refund policy applies only when you contact us directly through Support team at admin@whitehattraffic.com